We Build It

Residential or Commercial

You can have a natural “like it has always been there” garden pond, stream or billabong, a beautiful addition to any landscape that will enhance your life style.

We design and build beautiful natural water features. We take our inspiration from nature and include many of the elements found in a natural stream or rock pool in our creations. We use specific equipment and a construction style that promotes a healthy pond ecology and makes maintenance easier and less complicated for you.

Each feature is bespoke and one of a kind, individually crafted to blend with your existing landscape. Our team is approachable and easy to work with – we listen to you and will give you the elements you want in the way we know will work best for you.

From the smallest garden feature to acreage and recreation billabongs, we put the same detail and attention in every project – Anything is possible

No project too small.

We love small projects and have affordable options so that you can enjoy a quality individual water feature in any space – ask us how!
Our design and install service is comprehensive and holistic. It will look like its always been there and work like we say.

No project too large

From backyard swimming or recreational ponds to estate and development lakes with effective wetland filtration, we design and build features that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.

You Build It

We’ll help you to build it yourself

For The Do It Yourself Novice or Enthusiast

DIY clients are very welcome and we have available a range of free videos that take you step by step through the building process be it a pond, stream or biological wet land filtration system for your billabong or swimming pond. Please have a look in our Resource area for more details.

The latest pond equipment and installation materials designed by pond builders for pond builders.

Contractors and Landscapers

Have a client who wants something more special than a hose over a rock? We install ponds daily and understand whats involved so you wont find us behind a counter in a plumbing store suggesting equipment we have never actually used.

If you are a landscape company or the creative soul, boss and brawn all-in-one on the job, we can help you achieve results.

About Us

A quick overview of our award winning team

Changing the way Australia builds ponds.

We design and build rock pools and ponds, natural swimming ponds and billabongs, streams, wetlands and wetland filtration. From a small patio pond or waterfall feature to large acreage projects, we put the same attention to detail and creativity into all of our designs.

With over 20 years of global experience in pond and water garden design and construction, our forte is creating naturally inspired and efficient waterscapes from the smallest subtle feature to expansive ponds and lakes.

Latest Creations

A small selection of our memorable projects




What an awesome way to see out the year :) the new pond owners are very happy and so are we. Planting out the external landscape and a gazebo still to come but well on its way to being an amazing outdoor lifestyle area. Good job to all the team. Was a lot of big days but we come out with something really special. Merry Christmas 🍾 ...

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Hey just a question. I am going to make a water feature here and wondering if anyone has used a solar pump to run a waterfall. If so what size or litres per hour would you need to work properly. ...

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And so we come to the close of this project. Amazing what can be created in 15 days - 18m x 10m recreation pond - 1.8 meter deep zone - 120 ton of granite Boulder, Aquascape wetland and intake bay system and pumps, aeration and iongen systems, Firestone EPDM pond liner, fish tunnel, some Scottish dry stone dyke walls ( thank you Liam ) .
Until next year, we wish you all the best and a safe and happy Christmas .
#waterscapesaustralia #aquascapesuppliesaustralia

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Sneak peek! Aquatics going in , good mix of marginals and water lily. #waterscapesaustralia ...

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It's first night , good stuff and will be only better as the water clears ...

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