We design and build rock pools and ponds, natural swimming ponds and billabongs, streams, wetlands and wetland filtration.

From a small patio pond or waterfall feature to large acreage projects even swimming pool conversions, we put the same attention to detail and creativity into all of our designs.

With over 20 years of global experience in pond and water garden design and construction, our forte is creating naturally inspired and efficient waterscapes from the smallest subtle feature to expansive ponds and lakes.

We utilise natural stone, aquatic plants, fish, and beneficial bacteria that work in harmony. Our creations invoke an escape from everyday life into your own private oasis of peace and relaxation.

We pioneered the natural swimming pond movement in Australia for Australian conditions.

Waterscapes Australia – Changing the way Australia builds ponds.

“l can honestly say that Patrick has a true love for his job and made sure that I was satisfied all through the process. Patrick’s knowledge about fish, aquatic plants and their habitats is second to none and he’s genuinely interested in all things aquatic.”

Mike Busetti

Daisy’s Place Restaurant on QLD’s Sunshine Coast

Waterscapes offers a full line of the latest in pond technology including the Black Construction Foam and professional grade Pond Skimmers. Its the same equipment we use everyday and we stand by it.

Follow this Link for a you video of an installation we completed at Daisy’s Place Restaurant on QLD’s Sunshine Coast and more

Meet The Team

Patrick Handley is a Horticulturist , Permaculturist and Environmentalist with over 25 years of global experience.
By working with nature and through much observation Patrick is able to combine exceptional construction techniques with ecology and create stunningly natural aesthetics.

He is inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes and transforming the ordinary into something beautiful and accessible – bringing the beauty of nature back into the everyday of our sometimes hectic environments.

Patrick’s inspirational water features are natural and efficient designs that combine environmentally friendly, innovative and energy saving technologies.

“I think that most of us have sat near a stream or pond and felt the positive effects. A waterfall not only oxygenates and cleans the water it also produces ions which have been shown to improve our mental state and outlook. Like a fire, running water is mesmerising and you can find your self transported to that same primordial place by a natural stream or waterfall.

During drought and really any time in parts of Australia I have been asked why would people want a pond due to the shortages of water. The answer in my experience is that the less perceived water there is the more people want to be around it. It’s a basic instinct that all life on this planet including humans will always want to be near water and we will create oases to enjoy and to use and benefit our environments. It’s just important to design and build them to be efficient as possible. Build them well.”