Are you ready to see your
own waterscape come to life?

With over 20 years of global experience in pond and water garden design and construction, our forte is creating naturally inspired and efficient waterscapes from the smallest subtle feature to expansive ponds and lakes.


  1. You fill out our client enquiry form.
  2. We receive your Information and Photographs.
  3. Phone Call with our Designer.
    • Once we have all this information, we book you in for quick pre-consult conversation with Patrick.
    • Our consults aren’t free. We like to make sure we’re the right fit for you and your budget.
  4. Book a consult.
    • When you’re happy to proceed, we find a day that works for all parties involved for Patrick to attend the property.
    • Upon booking, our accountant will invoice you for a consult.
    • For properties outside the Sunshine Coast region, the fee will include travel costs calculated by distance from Yandina, Queensland.
  5. Quote.
    • Patrick will return to you with a comprehensive quote inclusive of payment schedules.
  6. Once the initial deposit is paid, we set dates for the Waterscapes Australia build.
    • Dates may need to be altered due to poor weather.
  7. Waterscapes Australia Build.


Client Enquiry Form

    Other Information

    We design to your budget. It’s important to be clear with us about what you want to put towards the project so we can make the most out of.


    To get started, we require four to five photos of the area you want to see a water feature in. This will give us an idea on size, contours and what our options are to get the best out of your property.

    Please send through photos of the following: