Home / What are the environmental benefits of establishing a water garden?

So many benefits such as providing habitats and water points for frogs, insects and birds and animal life, increasing the humidity in a garden. A pond, whether large or small, somewhere in the garden, creates a microclimate that allows you to grow water-hungry plants along the edges and in the water. Larger features can also provide protection from fire and solar energy can be reflected to the home to moderate the temperature of our environments. We can mask out road noise with a simple stream placed correctly. I think Stephen Ryan said it best. “No garden has a soul unless it has a good body of water in it.” A properly built pond is so versatile, it can be a purely aesthetic piece that is managed and pruned as any other garden bed or it can productive with edible plants in and around its edges. Fish can be grown if desired or it can be used as a plunge pool on those hot summer days.

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