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Creating a functioning ecology and by building it right the first time. Ponds are water efficient if built correctly and will only need as much water as an equivalent sized lawn or garden bed once they are filled. By understanding and working with nature systems it’s possible to have a low maintenance and beautiful pond or creek. We incorporate appropriately sized biological filtration in combination with plants and fish and habitats for naturally occurring bacteria that work together to maintain a strong ecology and healthy water quality. It’s also in the ground work and the preparation in the construction of the pond. Clients will often come up and say they really had no idea of the amount of work that actually goes into a properly build pond once they see the process unfolding. There is a large amount of hand work and in some of our feature we can hand place over 30 ton of rock and pebble. It’s always worth it and I get just as much pleasure out of our finished features as the client with whom I often build long lasting friendships.

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