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This June we are excited to be working with “The Natural Foodstore” at Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast to install a flow form in the new garden center/cafe. We will announce the June date shortly.

Whats a Flow Form you ask?
Flowforms are cascades of water that aid in the reoxygenation of water to restore it to as close as possible to its mountain stream state. They work as a sort of living lung, aiding the aerobic micro-organisms to break down the “unwanted matter” in the water.

The action of the water is to fold oxygen into itself.
Flowforms by design, emulate the swirls and vortices of the mountain stream, enabling water to reoxygenate, revitalise and rejuvenate, bringing it back to its more natural state.

We will be incorporating the Flow Form with a natural pondless creek as a transition and there will be edible and native plants along its edge.

Now we create natural creeks that act as flow forms all the time. The Flow Form to be installed at The Natural Foodstore is a collection of amazing ceramic bowls that swirl the water in a clock wise and anti clock wise form just like the infinity symbol. This is used a lot in Biodynamic farming.

The Natural Foodstore is a long standing bastion of Organic Food on the Coast and my family have appreciated and shopped there  for years. We congratulate the visionary owners on supporting local farmers and on the new premises and organic cafe.
If your near the Sunshine Coast please keep posted for the install date, your welcome to drop in and you may be surprised who you find there on the day.



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