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A belated welcome to 2012.


I think we all can feel something special is in store for us this year, its a year of great change and possibility.


On a practical level here at Waterscapes we are pleased to say that we will have a new range of products available in early February. For those following our site you will find that we are updating and adding new pond products and, as time permits there will be a lot more information and links to help bring Australia up to speed in the watergardening category. Keep your eye on the shop and feel free to ask us for more details if you need them or suggestions for the site. We love feedback.

Its taken time for quality products that make it easier and better to build and maintain ponds to become readily available in Australia and any one doing a quick web search as to whats going on overseas will see there has been many advances that have until now not been accessible to us here.  The hold up has been predominately  industry related but also in the expectation of the consumer. Any one who has headed off to the local hardware or pond supply shop will know of the trial and error it has taken to get your pond right, if in fact you have. Its sometimes like recreating the wheel.

We believe that there is a place for all the pond equipment and building styles out there but we also believe that a pond should be more than hole in the ground with a pump thrown in it and water squirting over a rock. There is much talk about water quality and little about ecology. Lets all go a bit deeper but keep it fun.

So welcome to the world of Water Gardening and may 2012 be all you wish it to be.

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