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We have started the redesign of  the landscaping at Daisy’s Place Restaurant on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast and I would like to thank the owner,  Sue Joseph,  for the opportunity to work with her to waterscape the venue. Sue’s vision has unfolded in the reopening of the venue that once was known as the Rustic Cabin which many a traveller would remember while driving from Brisbane on the north end of Steve Erwin Way.

The  installation is a very creative  project that includes two large  pondless creek/ waterfall systems with multiple streams and cascades. We will also be installing subtle lighting in and around the waterscape  so that it can be fully enjoyed by evening diners.

We are 7 days into the construction and the streams are  nearly completed with the majority of the 37 ton of  basalt boulders in place. This is a 14 days project including installation of plants and landscaping the area. A full project description and progress slide show will follow soon.. stay tuned.

If your in the Sunshine Coast area please drop in for a visit and why not stay and enjoy a superb lunch at this long awaited bench mark for fine dining on the Coast.


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