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Carmel from the Peregian Kindergarden on QLD’s Sunshine Coast visited us last year at the QLD Garden expo and immediately decided she would like a pondless creek for the kids to interact with. No cement drain but a feature that the children could play in and that would develop their connection with nature  and in line with the recent movement in education that encourages children to explore actions, boundaries and consequences.

With this in mind we created an 18 meter Pondlless stream with water taps and an old fashion hand pump for the kids to play with. During construction we made sure that there were plenty of solid entry point and the rocks were all chosen and placed knowing that the whole feature would get lots of trafic from the kids. The stream has no water deeper than 5 cm and it drains completely when turned off. There is a 3500 lt underground reservoir with pumping station which will also be plumbed in to collect rainwater from the roof.

There was a test run with a group of 15 preschoolers last week and the results are in – AWESOME!!  Only complaint…. a green tree snake turned up and was chased up a tree by the kids -under the watchful eye of the parents of course.

Waterscapes is looking forward to more installations like these.

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