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Swim pond with productive wetland

The year has started on a great note and we hope you are also feeling the momentum.  A great vibe is what we call it and we wish you the best in family, health and doing what you love.

We have some mile stones coming up – Waterscapes Australia will be 6 this year and we really have grown in leaps and bounds. Our next shipment of Aquascape equipment is arriving shortly and we are expanding our  distribution side to make it easier for you to get the gear you want from supplier’s local to you.

And, of course keeping it real and creative with our gifted  installation team. This year will see more interesting projects already lined up – for example our swimmable billabongs which  also  grow aquatic edibles in the wetland filter area – have your pond, swim in it and then pick your lunch salad from it. Talk about a complete circle of life, working with ecologic cycles and learning from them.

Construction supervisor Mitch Davis is joined by two new crew members this year – welcome to Darren Martin and  trainee Kevin Bauer.  With the right team anything is possible and I know that this team is going to reach an amazing level of creativity as Waterscaping and Water Gardening in Australia comes of age.

Remember that Anything is Possible and that the only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.

Wishing you the best in 2014




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